Hello everybody.

My name is Yarrow. I’m a Puppy in Training for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and I thought you might like to hear about me.

I was born on 25th September 2019 to Mam Lulu and Dad Negan. I have 8 siblings – Yorik, Yorkie, Yazzi, Yetti, Yani, Yager, Yeska and Yanson. The reason all of our names begin with “Y” is because Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind assign a litter of puppies a letter of the alphabet. At the start of each year, the first litter is A, second one B and so on. Prior to being born we were known as the “Y” litter.

Yarrow looking at the camera
Yarrow – Day 1 with Anne

In late November 2019, at 8 weeks old I was placed with my Puppy Raiser Anne Mulligan in Balbriggan. I will stay with Anne until I am 12/14 months old. Anne is responsible, with the support of her Puppy Raising Supervisor, to train me so that I grow into a confident and happy puppy.

In the future, if I qualify, I will help a visually impaired person as a Guide Dog or maybe an Assistance Dog to help a child with autism. My training with Anne involves going anywhere I will be required as a working dog. So, I go to shopping centres, travel on public transport such as buses, trains or trams. I also attend fundraising events for the Balbriggan/North County Dublin Branch of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. When I am out and about, I wear my hi-vis jacket to indicate that I am a Puppy in Training.

Of course, it’s not all work. I do have some down time as well. I enjoy free runs particularly in Ardgillan Park in Balbriggan with my Guide Dog and non-Guide Dog friends. The humans are great because they give us treats for being well behaved.

Yarrow lying on grass, September 2020
Yarrow lying on grass, September 2020

In the next few months, I will be leaving Anne and going to the Training Centre in Cork to continue my training. Initially, I will be in Early Training before hopefully progressing to Advanced Training. By the time I am fully trained I will be almost 2 years of age.

Thank you

Yarrow – woof!



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