We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Cognex Ireland Ltd. As part of their sponsorship Cognex are funding the first year of training for their own dog called Cognex. The €5,000 donation covers the dogs vitally important first year of training.

Cognex the 1 week old Puppy lying with his sibling and mother Tilly

With more than 13,000 registered blind people in Ireland and over 250,000 people impacted by autism, the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind works tirelessly to facilitate those affected by providing them guide and assistance dogs. The average cost of training a dog is in the region of €53,000 and the charity rely on 85% of their funding through sponsorship like this and fundraising to continue to deliver their vital services for free throughout Ireland.HR Manager of Cognex Ireland, Kathleen Murphy added; “We are delighted to be involved with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and look forward to watching our puppy as he grows throughout the year on its way towards becoming a Guide or Assistance Dog, in turn providing a great sense of assurance and independence for families and individuals“.For more information on our corporate puppy sponsorship packs contact JohnBurke@guidedogs.ie or EvelynPower@guidedogs.ie  or click here.