Last updated: 1st April 2020

You can order food from Royal Canin as normal by telephoning 1890 882 356 or emailing your order to Please note you will need to reference your dog’s Royal Canin Account Number or PAWS ID (which is available from Client Services if you require it).

Currently Royal Canin is experiencing:

  1. A delay in delivering food to Clients and Volunteers. Normally, food would be delivered within 3/4 working days. However, we have been advised that Clients and Volunteers should allow for up to 10 business days for delivery of food.
  2. A high increase in calls to their order line. Many clients have reported that they are struggling to get through or are waiting long periods when ordering food with Royal Canin via telephone. If you are experiencing delays in getting through to the normal order line, you can email your order to or contact our Royal Canin Representative, Mary Davidson onĀ  0044 77 1467 9316 or email
  3. For any Clients or Volunteers experiencing difficulties in ordering please contact your Puppy Raising Supervisor or a member of our Dog Care team who will assist you. Please call 021 487 8240 / 085 859 7114 from 8.00am to 8.00pm or Maeve McCluskey, Supervisor on 085 874 4718 or or Carole McCarthy, Supervisor on 085 859 7117 or from 8.00pm to 8.00am / outside of daytime hours.

If you are running low on food, or need help to order, please contact Client Services (Clients), your Puppy Raising Supervisor (Volunteers) or Dog (Volunteers).