By making a donation in exchange for a Heroes pin or wristbands you are enabling the creation of amazing Guide and Assistance Dog partnerships, so purchase now and help us train our #FutureHeroes!

Dog Shaped Silver Heroes Pin


Buy one of our PAWsome Heroes Pin

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Green wristband that has Independence in text engrained on it


Support our Independence of our Heroes with one of our wristbands!

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Take a #FutureHeroes Box

Think about taking a Future Heroes box to place at reception or in the canteen of your workplace. Do you know any local shops or businesses that might be willing to take one?

Your pack will include pins, wristbands, and a flat packed collection box.  Any donation is welcome in exchange for a pin or wristband.

Simply email fundraising at to request your pack today and be proud of your good deed!

All funds raised will go directly towards the provision of services for people who are visually impaired or families of children with autism.