Make your school PAWSOME!

We would be delighted if you would get involved in our annual Heroes campaign.

In return we would love to support teachers and students in learning more about our organisation and the role we play when it comes to people living with a vision impairment or a child with autism.  Engaging with our organisation not only helps us to continue providing life changing services through your fundraising efforts.  It also enables us to educate your students on the benefits of Volunteering to society and hopefully instil in them a lifelong a sense of community and social responsibility.

Here’s a video from Archbishop McHale College from last year Heroes Campaign as inspiration.

To get involved you can:

Order a Heroes school pack

This will include items to sell students and teachers in your school.  You can receive the items below or whatever combination of items suits your school needs best.

-100 heroes pins

-100 heroes “independence” wristbands

-heroes posters to put up around the school to advertise your fundraising events

Hold a Heroes fundraising event in your school

Click here for a full list of ideas

Support our collections

We are also calling on support from students over 16 to sell our pins and wristbands in your local community on-street (we can arrange a permit for the date that suits your school schedule and provide all the tools you will need)

To get involved or for more information about any of the above get in touch by emailing [email protected] Please quote your school name and address in the email!