We will be showcasing our Sensory Tunnel in Heuston Station today (11 October) to mark World Sight Day 2018. The tunnel, sponsored by Royal Canin, gives users a unique sense of what it is like to be vision impaired.

Picture of our Sensory Tunnel at Bloom in the Park

The public are invited to walk through the inflated structure blindfolded with street noises and loud traffic played over the speakers. Different tactile surfaces such as a brick wall, wooden fence, netting, grass and fur will allow users to feel their way through the five-metre-long structure. The floor has panels with bumps similar to the tactile pavement used to guide vision impaired people on the streets.

Our Chairperson, Patrick Burke commented: “We are very appreciative of the support the team at Heuston Station have shown us. The sensory tunnel helps to raise awareness on World Sight Day about the challenges faced every day by those who are vision impaired and also the positive impact the work of our clients, staff and volunteers has changing lives.

When people exit the tunnel they often describe how it felt to experience life with vision impairment. Feedback is often about feeling very alone, vulnerable and scared but also describing it as an unexpected journey and an opportunity to realise how our sight shouldn’t be taken for granted.”


Picture of a girl who is blind folded coming out of the sensory tunnel

Tony Doran, Station Manager, Heuston said: “Here at Heuston, we have many customers travelling with us who have mobility or sensory impairments.  While we try and assist in every way we can, we cannot fully appreciate the challenges associated with being visually impaired. I think that the sensory tunnel is a great way for sighted people to truly walk in the shoes of the visually impaired and we are delighted to have it at Heuston on 11th Oct”

The tunnel will be available from 7am on the main concourse in the station and will be operated by clients, staff and volunteers from Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Image of Puppy beside Irish Guide Dogs Logo and Text reading: World Sight Day. Donate online today & help us change a life! guidedogs.ie/donate. 3 hashtags are on the bottom of the picture. 1. Changing Lives. 2. World Sight Day 3. Guide Dogs Experience

Anyone wishing to show support for the work that Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind do, can text WOOF to 50300 and donate €4*.

Text costs €4. Irish Guide Dogs will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278.

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