We want you to get to know the #PAWsome humans that make the work we do possible! So, meet Puppy Raiser Deirdre Fahy!

What is your name and where are you from?

Deirdre Fahy, living in Ennis and I puppy raise with my husband Paul Finnegan.

What’s the name of your puppy in training and how old is he?

Theo turned 1 years old on May 31st.

How long have you been puppy raising?

We have been Puppy Raising since 2011.  Theo is our sixth puppy.

Why did you decide to become a Puppy Raiser?

We love dogs but felt we couldn’t keep a pet dog as they would be on their own for far too long.  I saw a colleague of mine bring pups-in-training to work. After a long chat with him about what was involved, I got permission from my boss, and of course those sharing my office, to approach Irish Guide Dogs. And so, the wonderful journey began and continues!  I work at the Galway College, GMIT.  It’s a wonderful, busy training environment for the pups and I am lucky enough to have great support from my students and colleagues.

What’s the best thing about Puppy Raising?

The sense of privilege to play your part in such a formative part of these wonderful dogs’ lives.  They arrive as tiny puppies, needing nurturing and confidence building.  As the months go by, you watch them grow in confidence as they learn more and more about the world around them. There’s a huge sense of pride in having brought them to near adulthood under your care. As a dog lover, puppy raising has been a dream come true…from the joy and companionship of my beloved pups, to the great friends I’ve made through Irish Guide Dogs and the knowledge and experience gained in dog handling.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

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