We want you to get to know our PAWsome staff and to ask them questions about their work. So, meet Jayne Husband from our Training team!

What’s your role at the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind?

I am a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor (GDMI), which means I am responsible for the advanced part of our dogs’ training. Which is usually their last 3 months with us before they graduate with a client.

How long have you been working here?

I have been working with Irish Guide Dogs since 2003, before that I worked with Guide Dogs UK.

What are your main duties?

My role as an Instructor involves matching our dogs with a visually impaired client, and then training that client with the dog. Following the training course here at the centre, I then do follow up work with the partnership in their home area. As well as the clients I have trained, we also visit everybody who has a Guide Dog, a service we call aftercare, which means I can be sent to any part of the country to visit our Guide Dog clients.

What’s your favourite thing about working at the Irish Guide Dogs?

My job is incredibly varied, we work on a cycle so I do dog training for 3 months, client training for 1 month and then aftercare for 2/3 weeks, have some leave and then return to repeat the cycle again with a new pack of dogs.  I am never doing the same thing for months on end. Obviously, working with the dogs is a huge positive, I really enjoy getting my new dogs and figuring them out, what they are like, what they best respond to and building up the really important bond with them so that training can take place! In my role I also get to see first hand the huge difference a Guide Dog can make to someone’s life which is very satisfying.

Who’s your favourite dog?

I like any dog that’s a trier! – the ones who really want to do the right thing and are just trying to figure out what that is, no matter how long it takes….., but I couldn’t possibly name names!