We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with inward investment agency, IDA Ireland who are funding two years of training for one of our Future Heroes whom they have named Ida. The €10,000 donation, fundraised by IDA staff, is just one of the ways companies can help Irish Guide Dogs change lives.

Ida the Puppy

With more than 13,000 registered blind or vision impaired people in Ireland and over 250,000 people impacted by autism, the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind works tirelessly to facilitate those affected by providing them Guide and Assistance Dogs.

Ida with her mother Tilly.

The average cost of training a dog is in the region of €53,000 and the charity rely on 85% of their funding through sponsorship like this and fundraising to continue to deliver their vital services for free throughout Ireland.

Corporate Partnerships Manager John Burke: “It is only through the generosity and the support from organisations such as IDA Ireland that we are able to help families of children with autism and those with vision impairment achieve independence and mobility. The investment from IDA Ireland will help us to provide a future for a family of a children with autism or person with vision impairment achieve independence through our world-class dog and ancillary services. We thank all of the staff and management of IDA Ireland worldwide for their very generous investment and continued support”.

You can find out more about our Corporate Puppy sponsorships here or email partnerships@guidedogs.ie and John Burke or Evelyn Power from our Corporate team will be happy to discuss further.

Puppy sponsorship is a great way to engage the whole team and gives your company and staff visibility to their efforts and funds raised and also allows us to maintain an ongoing relationship with the sponsor throughout the sponsorship period and beyond.