Hi, we are the Kenna Family from Cork. We are puppy raising our second Puppy Zac!


We first heard of the programme when Irish Guide Dogs paid a visit to our daughter Louise’s school. Louise instantly fell in love and completed her TY work place at the charity’s headquarters in Cork.

Soon after Louise and our other daughter Ruth suggested we become Puppy Raisers, so we decided as a family to apply.

Puppy Raising has made us come together as a family and we are more active with Zac in our lives.

When we told our friends, they said “Oh, but how can you give them back??”. Our answer was easy as we are doing it for someone that needs this dog more than us!

We as a family believe in the work that the Irish Guide Dogs for the blind do every day.

Puppy raising is one of the most rewarding jobs we as a family have ever done, it has been amazing and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

It has been an honour to help make a future hero.

Brian & Susan Kenna

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