#GuideDogDay is taking place on Friday, 8 May!

Guide Dog Day logo

Help us change the lives of people who are vision impaired or the families of children with autism by helping us raise some much needed funds to train more Guide and Assistance Dogs.

One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a Guide Dog Day Facebook Fundraiser.

It’s really easy! Just watch the video tutorials or follow the steps below!!

Watch videos

How to Guide

Step 1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook.

Step 2. Click this link to get started!

Start your Facebook Fundraiser

Step 3.  Answer the following questions:

Who is organising the fundraiser?  This will be your Facebook profile i.e. your name!

Who are you raising money for? Make sure this is Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

How much money do you want to raise? Start small – €200. Achievable targets mean people can “Make a difference”. This can be changed later!

When should your fundraiser end? May 10th.

Step 4. Tell your story!

This section asks two questions

1. What’s the title of your fundraiser?

Please include #GuideDogDay in your fundraiser title!

2. Why are you raising money?

There will be standard text inserted by Facebook. You can use this but it will be even better if you tell your story. Do you have a Puppy in Training or a Guide or Assistance Dog?  What impact have they made? Do you have a story of how they have changed your life? Or maybe explain why you’re raising funds for us.

Step 5.  Pick a picture for your fundraiser

We will have a standard set for Guide Dog Day but if you have a photo of you and your dog that is even better!

Step 6. Invite your friends!

Facebook will now prompt you to invite your friends to donate. Pick as many as you can. They will get a notification saying that you “have invited them to contribute to your Guide Dog Day fundraiser for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Please show your support!”.

Step 7. Share an update!

Next up, share the Fundraiser to your Facebook feed. This is another great opportunity to tell your story about how PAWsome you think your dog is!

Step 8.  Share your fundraiser link

You can share a link to your fundraiser anywhere you like. Email it to friends or workmates or share it any place you like.

Step 9. Share pictures/videos/stories

Post updates to your fundraiser with more pictures and stories of you and your dog. By showing the difference the dog makes it will encourage more people to donate so we can train more dogs to change lives.

Step 10. Thank those who donate!

Please remember to thank those who donate. Not only does it give them the warm fuzzy feeling but it also makes the Fundraiser more visible to your Facebook Friends.

Thank you furry much for supporting Guide Dog Day!