We train Assistance Dogs to support the families of children with autism

Our superhero dogs help to control and improve the behaviour of a child with autism by promoting calmness and acting as a safety aid to the parents.

With the help of our dogs family outings can become less stressful as our dogs allow families to enjoy greater freedom and mobility.

Our dogs were first trained as a safety aid to prevent a child bolting.

Since then we have found benefits which include:

  • greater aptitude for learning
  • improved participation in social activities
  • improved communication skills
  • a greater sense of responsibility and improved confidence.

The programme includes a 3-day pre-assessment training course, a week-long residential training course, as well as further training in your home to allow your Assistance Dog to settle in, which is then followed up with aftercare visits by our team of Instructors.

During your stay in our Training Centre you will learn how to lead your Assistance Dog through everyday situations, such as family outings, going to a shop or park.

When getting an Assistance Dog sometimes it can help to walk your child through the process visually. We have a visual story of the Assistance Dog process that you can download here.

You will also be taught the skills of dog handling, feeding, grooming and vet care.

Our programme waiting list is currently closed.

Fill in our form to be informed of future opening dates and details!

Assistance Dog Information

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