The Board is supported in its work in the areas of strategy, governance, compliance and controls by a number of Sub-Committees. Membership of the Sub-Committees is made up of Board Members, external advisors with appropriate and relevant experience and members of the management team at Irish Guide Dogs.

Responsibility for oversight and review of a number of key areas has been delegated to the Sub-Committees. The Sub-Committee reports are considered by the Board of Directors at each meeting.

Audit, Risk, Compliance & Investment

The Audit, Risk, Compliance & Investment Sub-Committee have responsibility for review of Capital Management and Financial Reporting, Risk Management and Audit and Compliance matters.


Mr Eddie Murphy (Chair), Vice Chair of Board, Former MD and Chair Ford Ireland

Mr. Patrick Burke, Chair of Board

Dr. Dermot O’Mahony, City Life Wealth Advisors

Mr. Mark O’Sullivan, Aon Hewitt

Ms. Abina Kenneally, Quintas

Mr. Conor Simpson, IDA

Nominating and Governance

The Nominating and Governance Sub-Committee have responsibility for appointments to the Board of Directors, oversight and review of the activity of the Board and the executive in the delivery of the Vision Mission and Strategy along with the Goals and Objectives.


Ms. Jacqui Browne (Chair)

Mr. Alan Dukes, Retired Director, Former Leader Fine Gael

Ms. Barbara Clear, Board Member

Mr. Eddie Murphy, Vice Chair Board, Former MD and Chair Ford Ireland

Mr. Martin Gordon, Junior Counsel and Guide Dog Owner

Training and Development

The Training and Development Sub-Committee have responsibility for reviewing the performance of the organisations’ Client training and dog training functions against targets and service delivery objectives. The Sub-Committee provides important inputs on strategy and direction on all matters relating to services.


Mr. Tom Aplin (Chair), Board Member; Retired Director

Mr. Derry Walsh, Board Member, Financial Controller and Guide Dog Owner

Mr. Pat Costigan, former Board Member and Guide Dog Owner

Ms Terri Doyle, Board member and Assistance Dog Owner

Ms Tara Mullally


The Fundraising Sub-Committee have responsibility for review of the performance of the organisation’s fundraising activity. The Sub-Committee provides important input into strategic planning and development of fundraising activity.


Mr Nick Palmer (Chair), Board Member; Director Planning/Logistics/HR Manager at Kingston Technology International Ltd

Mr Patrick Burke, Board Vice-Chair

Ms Terri Doyle, Board Member and Assistance Dog Owner

Paula Cogan, Board Member