Don't Be A Zero Be A Smart Streets Hero

Everyone has the right to move independently and unimpeded along the street. Unfortunately, this is often not the case for people who are blind or partially sighted. The Smart Street campaign aims to tackle some of the most frequent barriers to accessible streets.

Don't be a Zero be a Smart Street Hero

Be a SmartStreet Hero!

Irish Guide Dogs is campaigning to tackle those difficult obstructions around the streets of our shared communities to ensure safer mobility for all. Blocked pavements cause problems for many pedestrians. It can force people who are blind or partially sighted, parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users, and many others, to walk on the road and into the path of oncoming traffic. On World Sight Day Irish Guide Dogs is asking people to become a SmartStreet Hero.

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Five steps to be a SmartStreet Hero:

  1. Park your car or van on the street, not the pavement.
  2. Cut back overhanging branches from your garden.
  3. Ensure wheelie bins and refuse containers are not left on the pavement. Where bin collectors do not replace bins properly, please report this to your local council.
  4. Report broken street lights, badly cracked paving slabs, potholes, damaged drain covers or anything else that might prove a hazard to a people who are blind or partially sighted.
  5. Clean up litter, especially broken glass which can injure Guide Dogs, and bulky items which can create a trip hazard.

Smart Street Updates:

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