Before Falco, Daniel could not walk anywhere.

He would throw himself down on the footpath, unable to get back on his feet sometimes for hours. He was overwhelmed by sensory input. Things that you and I may never tune into: the hum of the refrigerator; lighting; the noise and chatter of crowds. Often, he could not even bear the sensation of holding hands and would suddenly bolt away. Non-verbal and without awareness of danger of any kind, we were extremely concerned for Daniel.

Our hearts were broken to see him in distress and confined to such a small existence.

He was consumed by a crippling anxiety. It took us over a year of patient persistence but eventually Daniel started to hold Falco’s harness and walk with him. Those first tentative weeks, months, even years were fraught with highs and lows but we could see a change happening. Daniel was walking longer distances every day.

By focusing on his connection to Falco, Daniel was able to find a way through the fog of anxiety.


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